Supporting the Movement for Black Lives

Posted on behalf of Black Lives Matter DMV

These next 3 weeks are going to be very busy for the Movement for Black Lives here in DC. We get a lot of asks about how to get involved in the movement and the short answer is show up! At almost every event there is an announcement of the next one. Show up, meet people, move up when people call for support, bring your friends to the next one. The movement for Black Lives is beautifully diverse and fundamentally a call for ending all forms of oppression because Black people are affected by them all. It is a call for collective liberation so there is a place and a role for everyone. There are also places set aside just for Black people. If you are not Black, don’t be offended if you see *this is a Black Only Space* and respect the intentions for the space. Know that there are plenty other spaces that could use your talents and energy. We need thousands of collaborators to build the next stage of the movement. ‪#‎GetInWhereYouFitIn‬

0. Read the Guiding principles:…/movement-for-black-lives-gui…/

1. Come to Trans Liberation Tuesday 8/25/15
Support ‪#‎BlackTransWomen‬. Stop the violence and the silence

2. Come to the Black Lives Matter Spokescouncil Wednesday 26th
This is great place for join the movement, meet people and see what you or your organization can contribute.

3. Come to the “Week” of Action. September 1st-11th.
The BLM Spokescouncil will be hosting nearly two weeks of action throughout the beginning of September. Keep your eyes open.

4. Follow Black Lives Matter DMV
And sign up to their list here:

5. Follow Stop Police Terror Project DC
SPTP [DC]’s shut down’s and rallies are great places to learn more about the movement and meet people who are involved.

6. Join or Support Black Youth Project [BYP] 100.
BYP 100 is a national organization with chapters in cities across the country. BYP is on the front lines of the movement for Black Lives, working to end state sanctioned violence against Black people through a Black Queer Feminist Lens.

7. Join a solidarity group.
Visit the Washington Peace Center’s solidarity page for links and contacts for various BLM Solidarity Groups in DC.

8. Radical Structural Change, like Radical Cultural Change, takes time and masses of people. The ‪#‎struggleisreal‬ as is spiritual and emotional trauma. Take care of yourself, take care of your friends, take care of your community and keep coming out! ‪#‎StayWoke‬

— with Helga Herz and 4 others.

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