Pilgrimage to the Pope for Immigrant Rights Arrives in D.C.

Cross-posted from the DC Independent Media Center
Written by Luke

Lead_Banners_McPherson_approach_9-22-2015On the 22nd of September, the 100 women 100 miles pilgrimage to the Pope for Immigrant Rights arrived at McPherson Square. One hundred women had marched all the way from an ICE detention center in Pennsylvania and were joined by many more supporters on the last leg of the march inside DC. The march ended at McPherson Square, where the Catholic hunger fasters for climate action already have tents set up. The evening program featured an appearance by Sweet Honey in the Rock after the speakers finished.

One of the lead banners quoted Pope Francis’s statement that “Pope Francis has said that the globalization of migration requires a globalization of charity and cooperation.”

Stirring video of the end of the march, followed by clip from Sweet Honey in the Rock’s performance

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