Black August Finale

Black August is almost over.  What is Black August?  I found the following at The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement:

“Each year officially since 1979 we have used the month of August to focus on the oppressive treatment of our brothers and sisters disappeared inside the state-run gulags and concentration camps America calls prisons. It is during this time that we concentrate our efforts to free our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, and all other captive family and friends who have been held in isolation for decade after decade beyond their original sentence. Many of these individuals are held in the sensory deprivation and mind control units called Security Housing Units (S.H.U. Program), without even the most basic of human rights.” – Shaka At-Thinnin Black August Organizing Committee from “THE ROOTS OF BLACK AUGUST”

If you haven’t made it to any events yet this month, here’s your opportunity to make it to one final event.   

black august finale

2 comments to Black August Finale

  • Tonya Waugh

    I like your articles… but this one here is ridiculous. This is one problem with us Blacks. We need to stop focusing so much on the past and live in the present. We need to stop blaming for the actions of the small number of Blacks that are making us look bad and messing up our community. We need to hold them accountable. We need to stop blaming “America” “The White Man” “Racism” and we need to point the finger at ourselves.

    Now, if a man or women is in jail for a bag or two of weed or a controlled substance, this should not be 30 days + in jail. But if they are known for selling drugs especially in our communities, then they should be in jail. We do not let wild animals walk the streets so why should we let criminals walk, because they are Black???? Enough with the what Malcolm X said, Martin Luther King, Jr. said, and more with how we can change today. Our history is important, but if we continue to blame others, point fingers at others and not get to the root of ourselves, we are not moving forward. Its time to move forward. Learn from the past so we can better the future.

  • Liane

    Thanks for your comment Tonya. I wonder what you think about this article.