Metro Service Meeting: Make Your Feelings Known

Tired of Metro fare hikes with no real improvement in service? Even if you appreciate the fact that Metro service allows many within the DMV to get by without the hassle and expense of a car, you may still wish their service were better. Now is the time to make your feelings heard. WMATA Meeting

2 comments to Metro Service Meeting: Make Your Feelings Known

  • Nia Gray

    Sadly, Metro fares are going up and they should be locked in at a fair rate. Metro bus drivers need to sit in a secure locked shield to protect them from the public. Your organization need to stop being one sided. Metro system is not new and things need repairing and replacing. Metro is expanding and we live in an area that the cost of living is high. So, i agree with Metro. Raise the fares so everyone is safe on the bus, trains, and on Metro facilities. It takes patients and we need to be patient with Metro

  • Liane

    Hello Nia,

    Sorry it’s taken so long to respond to your comment. I hope that you went to the meeting and testified in favor of the fare increase. I actually appreciate that Metro allows me to get by in the District without the hassle and expense of a car but as someone with a generous appreciation of socialism, I think we could do without the fare increase. -Liane

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