Basic Video Production

Workshop Descriptions

The goal of the basic video production training program is to give Grassroots DC students the skills needed to create short videos that educate community members and policy makers about issues that disproportionately impact the low-income and working class residents of the District of Columbia.   Our productions are distributed through Youtube, Vimeo and soon DCTV, but we will eventually distribute to other media outlets reaching a wider audience.  Bearing that in mind, we do our best to train students to produce video that is broadcast quality.

Along with the on-line resources we provide, Grassroots DC offers the following basic video production workshops–

Basic Video Camera Operation In this workshop, students learn the proper operation of a high definition video camcorder along with a variety of microphones and tripods that Grassroots DC producers use.

Lighting & Composition:  In this workshop students explore the basic principles of photography and learn to take quality still images and video regardless of the equipment they use.    This workshop is broken up into three lessons:

  • White Balancing Your Camera:  which explains how light comes in many colors and electronic cameras need the proper filter to make whites look white.

Classes are scheduled only when enough individuals show interest.  Alternatively, we have held workshops for specific groups or organizations.   The cost is $50 for nonmembers, $20 for Grassroots DC members and free to Potomac Gardens residents.  Space is limited.  Contact or call 202-246-4597 to sign up.

Students who complete these courses and become Grassroots DC members will be invited to produce for  As a Grassroots DC producer, you will receive one-on-one training in video editing.  You may also be invited to join our contingent of videographers and editors who provide video production services for a fee to local non-profits and small businesses.  In addition to being compensated for your work, this is also an opportunity to build a demo reel and eventually enter the market as a freelancer and beyond.