Video Production Services

As part of our mission to provide media coverage of issues that impact the under-served communities of the District of Columbia, Grassroots DC wants to link our trained participants with other organizations in need of video production services.  The services and prices below are dependent entirely on the availability of our students.

We aim to provide the independent video producers who participate in Grassroots DC’s media production training program to do the work they care about and get paid.  By sharing equipment and providing a space for collaboration, Grassroots DC helps facilitate the video production process.    If you are a DC-based nonprofit with limited funds, there are a variety of ways we can work with you.

There are 3 types of projects Grassroots DC can help with:

1) The Package Deal
Have an event coming up you want covered?  With this package you could have a 3-5 minute video recorded, edited and distributed by a Grassroots DC member in 3 days or less! This package includes the following:

The Package DEal

2.) Archival Event Coverage
Archival Event Coverage provides your organization with video of your event from beginning to end, but does not include editing. Your organization will receive all the raw footage, which you can later have edited into a video of whatever length you want. The rate for this service depends on the length of the event and the number of camera operators needed:

Archival Event Coverage

3.) Extensive Video Needs
If you would like to produce a more involved project such as a fundraising video, public service announcement or a series of testimonial videos, but don’t have the technical knowledge to proceed, we may be able to meet your needs. If not, you may be interested in working with one of the freelance videographers who have contributed to the work of Grassroots DC.

Please Note:  The above prices are strictly for organizations with little or no funding sources.  Organizations with budgets over $75,000 per year can use our services but at a higher, negotiated rate.

Call 202.608.1376 or email for a quote or a recommendation.